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Join our employee well-being research with Colliers and ELTE!

The changes of the past few years have not spared the workplace, and continuous adaptation has become the watchword. Work organisation patterns, the usage of workspace and office space, and work-life balance have thoroughly changed. But how have organisations and workers themselves experienced these changes? What we are about to research goes beyond a simple global management survey. This study would be the first full-scale Hungarian overview of a wide range of office workers, especially those who have worked remotely since the outbreak.

The research on the current condition of office workers is being carried out in collaboration between the Institute of Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University, Colliers Hungary, and ABSL Hungary, under the professional provision of Dr. Orhidea Kiss, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Organisational and Management Psychology. The results of the study will be published within ABSL through roundtable discussions, and data releases in a complex report in the second half of 2023. 

Why is it worth filling in our survey?

·       To receive a whole report based on local data before full publication. 

·       Organisations that actively participate in the research and secure the participation of a sufficient number of colleagues – at least 10% – will have the opportunity to explore in more depth a specific research topic of interest/importance in a separate survey. 

·       There is an opportunity to investigate the position of the organisation in relation to the average for certain outcomes. E.g., Your company has X% more neurodiverse people than the average of those surveyed. 

·       The more organisations participate, the wider the coverage we can provide. 

How long will it take? 

·       Completion of the questionnaire takes 50-60 minutes using the Qualtircs software, but the progress can be saved and finished later on.  

·       Participation in the survey is anonymous, and only the raw data is sent directly to the psychology researchers.    

·       The preliminary questionnaire can be viewed via the following link:   

Can we count on your organisation? 

·       To maximise the coverage of the survey, a diverse sample of at least 10% of the total population per company and site is required. We would ask you to respond to us via the link below by confirming whether we can expect at least 10% of your organisation to complete the survey and, if so, exactly how many colleagues this means for your company. The participant group should preferably be diverse in terms of gender, age, and position. 

Use this link to register your organization

Management of the participating companies will be asked to fill in a short 5–10-minute questionnaire, asking for general information about the organization, such as profile, number of employees, number of sites, location, home office policy, etc.

Responses on willingness to participate are expected as soon as possible. 

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