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about us

About ABSL Hungary

We are Hungary’s premier professional outsourcing industry association, advocating for the interests of the Business Services and Outsourcing Sector, as well as our esteemed members. Our primary objective is to serve as a bridge between the Business Services Sector and Hungary, fostering the growth of both entities.

International expansion and visibility

We became part of the ABSL international network to enhance the visibility of the Hungarian Business Services Sector through the strength of our brand and collaborative partnerships.


We collaborate with a comprehensive array of strategic, expertise, and event partners, harnessing their industry-leading knowledge to propel us towards the accomplishment of our objectives.


We are delighted to offer assistance to university students working on their theses or any project related to business services.

Community building and networking

We uphold regular Touchbase sessions with ABSL Members to foster a strong community, facilitating the exchange of valuable information for the benefit of all.

Best practice sharing

We collaborate with sector leaders, working collectively for the sector's advancement. Our events serve as exceptional platforms for sharing insights and experiences.

Support of direct investment related initiatives

We persistently contribute to the development of municipalities and educate larger cities about the benefits of embracing Business Services initiatives in Hungary.

Our Mission

The mission of the Association of Business Service Leaders in Hungary (ABSL Hungary) is to support our members by advocating for successful and high-quality opportunities within the Business Services sector. We achieve this by harnessing development opportunities presented by the digital age and identifying collaborative prospects in human resources and automation.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to promoting the economic development of Hungary through the advancement of the aforementioned activities. ABSL Hungary, as an open and independent professional organization, adheres to the principle of active participation in providing stakeholders within the national economy and public sector with valuable insights and support.

President's Testimonial

It is my honour to serve as the President of ABSL Hungary. The Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA) was founded in 2004 by leading local and multinational companies. Since then, our commitment has been to create opportunities that elevate and contribute to the growth of the sector. Joining the ABSL international network marks a significant milestone in advancing this mission!

ABSL International

ABSL in Europe now encompasses sister organizations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and DACH (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland). In 2024, ABSL has expanded its presence to Brussels. The objective of ABSL’s international collaboration is to inspire a community of companies within the sector to consistently pursue excellence and foster continued growth, fortifying the sector’s position in the region.

Through robust international cooperation, we gain valuable insights from companies across the region, accelerating industry growth and effectively addressing the challenges it encounters. As the largest organization representing the sector in the region, ABSL endeavours to promote innovative solutions and facilitate new investments that will propel the industry to unprecedented levels of success.