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Major Milestones

History and Major Milestones of ABSL Hungary

ABSL Hungary
HOA becomes ABSL Hungary!

We have joined the ABSL International Family and rebranded as ABSL Hungary (Association of Business Service Leaders in Hungary). We are delighted to be part of this brand-new era and eagerly anticipate celebrating it at our second Cheer-Up Party!

HOA forms strategic cooperation with ABSL

We have established a strategic cooperation with the international family of ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders).

To commemorate this milestone, we organized our inaugural Summer Cheer-Up Party, attended by over 120 Business Service Leaders engaged in networking.

Launch of HOA - Franklin Covey Academy

In collaboration with Franklin Covey, we initiated our academy to educate future leaders. Despite the challenges posed by the surge of COVID-19 this year, we conducted our first pandemic-related survey. Adapting to the circumstances, we successfully transitioned most of our events online, organizing a total of 12 best-practice sharing events.

HOA reached 100 members

In 2019, we achieved a significant milestone of reaching 100 members, marked by a grand celebration, the 'HOA 100. Party.' This year, we successfully organized over 20 events in collaboration with both national and international partners.

HOA forms partnership with Emerging Europe

Emerging Europe is a social enterprise and growth hub dedicated to 23 countries in Central, Eastern, South-Eastern Europe, and the South Caucasus. Our collaboration integrates global reach with a robust local presence, nurturing growth by initiating debates and serving as a source of know-how, insight, and high-profile connections that contribute to the success of organizations across the region and beyond.

In a series of notable events, HOA marked its debut as a participant in the CEE Business Summit and Gala, as well as the Bravo Business Forum. We also hosted our inaugural IPA Conference and our first Strategic Platform Workshop.

HOA forms strategic alliance with Corvinus University Budapest

This year, HOA forged a strategic alliance with Corvinus University Budapest, aiming to enhance university students' awareness of opportunities in the Business Services Sector. Additionally, HOA underwent a rebranding initiative, symbolized by a new logo, marking the commencement of a new era.

First Executive Club

HOA entered into a strategic alliance with Corvinus University Budapest this year. The goal of the cooperation is to raise university students’ awareness of the opportunities in the Business Services Sector. HOA also rebranded  this year, the new logo marking the beginning of a new era.

HOA forms strategic alliance with HIPA

HOA has forged a strategic alliance with HIPA, embarking on the inaugural SSC Survey together. This collaboration has extended over several years, and until 2020, HOA and HIPA consistently released their annual survey report jointly.

4th of May, 2011
Establishment of OVE Ltd. (Cooperation of Outsourcing Enterprises)

In 2011, HOA established OVE Ltd. with the primary objectives of promoting business-to-business collaborations, fostering joint investments, and encouraging cooperation among enterprises, educational institutions, R&D institutions, and local economic stakeholders.

23rd of April, 2009
Name change: Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association

The concept was discussed within the Association: despite the majority of our members being active in the services sector, this focus was not reflected in our name. Therefore, HOA decided to change its name from Hungarian Outsourcing Association to Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association.

5th of June, 2007
Establishment of SZTMKA (Service Sciences Methodology Center)

As a founding member, HOA played a pivotal role in establishing the Service Sciences Methodology Center. Its inception was driven by the growing prominence of the services sector in developed economies and the emergence of a new interdisciplinary science - the development of services sciences, management, and engineering (SSME). The primary objective of the foundation was to formulate the methodology and curriculum for essential training required to effectively operate within the Hungarian service industry and integrate this training into the Hungarian education system.

26th of May, 2005
Establishment of HOA (Hungarian Outsourcing Association)

Founded in 2005 with 13 members, HOA is an association organized on a professional basis, without sectoral restrictions. Guided by methodological foundations, our mission is to introduce the essence of outsourcing and its inherent possibilities to the various actors in society and the economy through the mediation of practical experiences. In the same year, we initiated the 'HOA-Menjek?' Career Guidance Program, an SSC Roadshow in collaboration with AmCham, and SSC Pub Night.